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Cocktails Inspired by Nature

What comes to mind when you think of the Maldives? Golden sands, emerald green palm trees and  a sparkling blue ocean perhaps? If only you could turn those thoughts into a relaxing drink that encapsulates the Maldives and provides a small taste of paradise with every sip…

Hideaway’s very own Mixologist, Jason Santos was inspired so much by the surroundings and ambiance at Hideaway that he created a special cocktail, which has been recognised recently at the Grape Expectations Bar Tender Challenge.

His award winning cocktail, the ‘DHON KULHI’,  translates as ‘Yellow Spice’.  Jason’s inspiration for cocktail was the island home of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, Dhonakulhi. Drawing from the colours nature has bestowed upon the island, he created his signature cocktail, which, as well as having the colours of the Maldives, is also infused with Maldivian spice.

Another delicious tipple that should be at the top of your cocktail sampling list is the ‘MOJITO CON AMOR’.  It means ‘Mojito with love’ and is the classic mojito with a Maldivian twist. Using fresh ingredients and only the best puréed fruit it’s another tropical treat.


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