Fascinating Facts About Hideaway You Didn’t Know

The Maldives is world-renowned as an idyllic and picturesque destination, offering incredible scuba diving and snorkelling, luxurious resorts and tranquil spas, and it tops many bucket lists – in just one visit you understand why. Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa offers all of this and much, much more!

Remote Location
Hideaway is located in the northern-most atoll in the Maldives, Haa Alif, and as such, is one of the most remote resorts in the country. Away from the busy atolls close to the capital, Male, it becomes more quiet, peaceful and undisturbed. The remoteness of Hideaway, coupled with the uncrowded nature of the island, gives the feeling of a private island paradise, away from the rest of the world. As well as being the furthest north atoll, Haa Alif is also a culturally significant atoll, it is home to Utheemu Island, the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu who ruled the Maldives from 1573 to 1585. He is known for fighting the Portuguese, who ruled over the Maldives from 1558–1573, and winning back the Independence of Maldives. Utheemu is just 10 minutes away from Hideaway and a visit there is a must for those interested in history and culture.

Space and Privacy
Set on a large crescent-shaped private island, Hideaway offers a choice of private villa suites directly on the beach or atop the sparkling ocean, all with an unrivalled level of privacy thanks to the large island and relatively small number of villas. Only 5% of the island is developed with villas and amenities and the remainder is a tropical, natural, and private paradise waiting to be explored. Guests staying at Hideaway bask in seclusion not afforded at most other resorts; there is a true feeling of escapism whist staying in some of the most luxurious and spacious villas in the Maldives.

Unique Seaplane Views
Every seaplane transfer in the Maldives is an awe-inspiring experience – the bird’s-eye-view of the islands, submerged reefs, hidden underwater islands and more blues than you could possibly imagine stretch before you in an ever-changing show. The further north you travel, the greener and more lush it gets and on the way to Hideaway, guests get the privilege of seeing the Maldives’ mangroves, known as ‘kulhi’ in the local language of Dhivehi. Mangroves are biologically and ecologically important – they are home to a rich biodiversity of marine life. The mangroves play a significant role in supporting the health of the vibrant coral reefs and their root systems provide a safe haven for countless species, including juvenile fish, sharks, rays, and other marine creatures.

Double House Reef
The underwater world is one of the main attraction in the Maldives and loved by those who enjoy snorkelling adventures. At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, we are blessed with a fabulous and easily accessible double house reef just a short swim from the beach that allows you to experience the magic that lies beneath the surface. The house reef boasts nice coral blocks that are home to uncountable colourful reef fish, stingrays, moray eels, and a wealth of other marine species. If you are lucky you may even spot eagle rays and reef sharks cruising the reef along, or even turtles! Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment is included with your villa so the opportunities for magical underwater adventures are limitless.

Where comfort meets seclusion – Hideaway offers the ultimate escape