Global Wellness Day at Hideaway

Global Wellness Day is marked around the world on the second Saturday of June every year, and in honour of this special day, at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa we ensure we celebrate in style, going above and beyond to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and spiritually and we will be joined by local therapist, Naga Healing. Hideaway is a health oriented resort and is perfect for couples and families who want to stay active together.

Start the day with a calming yoga and sound healing therapy session on the beach to feel centred and serene. Raise your pulse at Aquafit or at the gym, followed by an afternoon of golf at the resort’s high-tech Golf Simulator and Putting Green. Go on a snorkelling adventure, take part in fun water sports with Deep Blue Watersports, and a classic holiday game of Beach Volleyball, and finally, watch the beautiful Maldivian sunset and give gratitude to the wonderful planet we call home.

At Hideaway, you will find a multitude of wellness and fitness experiences such as professional tennis courts, a state-of-the-art golf simulator, and a well-stocked gym. The spa is the ‘go-to’ place for absolute tranquility with an array of yoga sessions available as well as indulgent treatments during which you can relax, and invest in blissful ‘me-time’. For something a little different, and to experience the otherworldly marine environment in total silence where your only focus will be on the control of your breath and the incredible sights around you, give free diving a try, pure mindfulness and being present in the moment has never been so immersive! This is just a snapshot of how you could spend your time during a Hideaway Beach wellness break of your own design. Keep a close eye on Hideaway’s special offers and get ready for a wellness retreat like no other.

Every day is a wellness day at Hideaway but you can look forward to a specially curated program of events on 8th June!

Join Hideaway for Eid ul Adha Celebrations

Eid ul Adha is one of the biggest celebrations in the Muslim calendar and is a a time of joy, gratitude, and togetherness. This year, the team at Hideaway Resort & Spa Maldives invite you to celebrate in luxury with everything you could need to make it an occasion to remember:

Embrace the spirit of Eid amidst local traditions

Celebrate Eid ul Adha with a range of exciting activities and special events from 16th – 20th June 2024. The resort’s team has meticulously prepared a program that embodies the spirit of togetherness, joy, and gratitude. From cultural shows featuring traditional music and dance performances to curated experiences, Hideaway ensures a magical Eid celebration for all.

Exclusive private dining experiences

Hideaway offers exclusive private dining experiences with a special Eid discount of 15%. Whether you prefer a romantic dinner on the beach with your partner or a family dinner, Hideaway provides unparalleled dining options. The resort’s private dining experiences are the perfect way to conclude your Eid in paradise. View and book private dining experiences using the convenient Hideaway mobile app.

Traditional shisha with classic flavours

Experience the true essence of Eid with Hideaway’s traditional shisha offering. Enjoy the flavour of your choice as you relax and unwind in the resort’s picturesque surroundings. This shisha experience is the perfect way to unwind and escape from the world, offering an authentic taste of tradition.

Luxury and privacy

Located in the northern Haa Alifu Atoll, Hideaway is an exclusive all-suite Maldives resort for those who demand genuine luxury and the utmost in privacy. The resort offers a choice of private villas, including those with private pools, for its guests to unwind and enjoy a home away from home. The privacy levels offered are the hallmark of this award-winning destination, which boasts some of the largest beachfront villas in the Maldives.

Award-winning culinary experiences

Gourmands, foodies, and food lovers alike can indulge in an award-winning culinary experience at Hideaway. The resort offers a range of dining options, ensuring every meal is a celebration in itself.

Rejuvenating spa and exciting water activities

Wellbeing is a core part of the Hideaway experience, with the divine Hideaway Spa offering a range of treatments for rejuvenation and relaxation. The abundance of fish life around this Maldives resort is second to none, making it a prime location for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Whether you’re a family seeking a fun-filled Eid celebration, or a couple desiring a romantic getaway, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa offers a unique blend of luxury, privacy, and exciting activities that make it the ideal Eid-Al-Adha destination. So why wait? Make your Eid ul Adha celebration this year truly special and an experience like no other by choosing Hideaway as your destination.

An Unforgettably Sweet Easter Enjoyed by All at Hideaway

With warm temperatures, white sandy beaches and a stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa was the perfect setting for an unforgettably sweet Easter where traditional activities, chocolate infused fun and a visit from the larger than life Easter Bunny kept everyone entertained.

Hideaway welcomed renowned French pastry chef, Thomas Alphonsine, to the resort for the Easter celebrations and guests were able to not only enjoy tantalising pastries, but learn new skills at his chocolate masterclasses. On Good Friday, adult guests could join and learn from the very best – Chef Alphonsine is an expert judge for the prestigious international competition, the World Chocolate Masters, which crowns the finest chocolate chef worldwide. Easter Saturday saw the kids have their turn and enjoy the chocolate experience with gusto!

Easter is very much a family time and our younger guests had the opportunity to meet, greet and even dance with the Easter Bunny, who made an appearance to help distribute chocolate eggs and treats – a truly enchanting experience that will live on in their memories for many years to come. An exciting range of ‘eggstra special Kids Club activities were prepared, the highlights of which include egg painting, pin the tail on the bunny, decorating the Easter tree, and, for a little downtime, an Easter movie.

We hope all who joined us here at Hideaway enjoyed the Easter events as much as we did. If you were not able to join us for Easter, check our current special offers (the Easter offer is still available to book and have some great benefits!) and visit as soon as you are able – a stay at Hideaway is unforgettable no matter when it is!

Special Offers

Eid al-Fitr Celebrations at Hideaway

Experience Eid al-Fitr Celebrations at Hideaway

Across the globe, Eid al-Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It marks the culmination of a month long fasting and religious observance and is a time of joy, gratitude, and togetherness. Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa invites you join them in this celebration from 11th until 13th April, a unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture of the Maldives at this very special time of year.

Maldivian culture and folklore is bursting with stories of magic, sorcerers, demons, spirits and monsters and to start the Eid celebrations at Hideaway we begin on 11th April with the traditional Parade of the Bodu Mas. ‘Bodu Mas’ translates to ‘Big Fish’ and depicts the story of a big fish, along with Maali (ghosts), which had come out from the sea and there followed a long struggle by the villagers to catch this fish, it is said that success came with the help of a holy man. The reenactment of this traditional tale involves a huge fish made from woven palm fronds and caught by a group of fishermen – we hope you can join us on the beach for this cultural spectacle. The evening will be completed by an Eid themed buffet, traditional BoduBeru drumming and dancing.

Guests are invited to join Hideaway’a Arabian Fairytale on Friday 12th April, a magical evening under the stars where you will be taken on a culinary journey through the Middle East featuring the finest and most authentic dishes of the region. There is a supplement payable for this special 4-course dining event.

Throughout the Eid celebrations guests can enjoy special promotions and discounts on experiences such as couples massages at the spa, floating breakfasts in their pool, traditional shisha, Eid afternoon tea, Happy Hour at Meeru Bar & Sunset Pool Café, exclusive private dining events and jet ski adventures.

Whether you’re a family seeking a fun-filled Eid celebration, or a couple desiring a romantic getaway, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa offers a unique blend of luxury, privacy, and exciting activities that make it the ideal Eid al-Fitr destination. Make your Eid al-Fitr celebration this year truly an experience like no other by choosing Hideaway as your destination.

Eid al-Fitr Program

Fascinating Facts About Hideaway You Didn’t Know

The Maldives is world-renowned as an idyllic and picturesque destination, offering incredible scuba diving and snorkelling, luxurious resorts and tranquil spas, and it tops many bucket lists – in just one visit you understand why. Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa offers all of this and much, much more!

Remote Location
Hideaway is located in the northern-most atoll in the Maldives, Haa Alif, and as such, is one of the most remote resorts in the country. Away from the busy atolls close to the capital, Male, it becomes more quiet, peaceful and undisturbed. The remoteness of Hideaway, coupled with the uncrowded nature of the island, gives the feeling of a private island paradise, away from the rest of the world. As well as being the furthest north atoll, Haa Alif is also a culturally significant atoll, it is home to Utheemu Island, the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu who ruled the Maldives from 1573 to 1585. He is known for fighting the Portuguese, who ruled over the Maldives from 1558–1573, and winning back the Independence of Maldives. Utheemu is just 10 minutes away from Hideaway and a visit there is a must for those interested in history and culture.

Space and Privacy
Set on a large crescent-shaped private island, Hideaway offers a choice of private villa suites directly on the beach or atop the sparkling ocean, all with an unrivalled level of privacy thanks to the large island and relatively small number of villas. Only 5% of the island is developed with villas and amenities and the remainder is a tropical, natural, and private paradise waiting to be explored. Guests staying at Hideaway bask in seclusion not afforded at most other resorts; there is a true feeling of escapism whist staying in some of the most luxurious and spacious villas in the Maldives.

Unique Seaplane Views
Every seaplane transfer in the Maldives is an awe-inspiring experience – the bird’s-eye-view of the islands, submerged reefs, hidden underwater islands and more blues than you could possibly imagine stretch before you in an ever-changing show. The further north you travel, the greener and more lush it gets and on the way to Hideaway, guests get the privilege of seeing the Maldives’ mangroves, known as ‘kulhi’ in the local language of Dhivehi. Mangroves are biologically and ecologically important – they are home to a rich biodiversity of marine life. The mangroves play a significant role in supporting the health of the vibrant coral reefs and their root systems provide a safe haven for countless species, including juvenile fish, sharks, rays, and other marine creatures.

Breathtaking seaplane journey to Hideaway

Double House Reef
The underwater world is one of the main attraction in the Maldives and loved by those who enjoy snorkelling adventures. At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, we are blessed with a fabulous and easily accessible double house reef just a short swim from the beach that allows you to experience the magic that lies beneath the surface. The house reef boasts nice coral blocks that are home to uncountable colourful reef fish, stingrays, moray eels, and a wealth of other marine species. If you are lucky you may even spot eagle rays and reef sharks cruising the reef along, or even turtles! Complimentary use of snorkelling equipment is included with your villa so the opportunities for magical underwater adventures are limitless.

Romance All Year Round at Hideaway

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is the dream location for a dream getaway, especially if you’re looking for a romantic bolt hole. Whether it’s for a wedding or honeymoon, a special anniversary, Valentine’s Day or simply because you can, a stay at Hideaway will provide as many romantic opportunities as you wish to fill your days with. The perfect bolt hole for romantic couples is Hideaway’s Signature Beach Residence, a picturesque one-bedroom villa which offers unparalleled Maldives seclusion with a private and direct access to the beautiful North Point Beach.

Romance comes in many guises, for some it’s a couples trip to the spa to be pampered, for others it’s a hand-in-hand stroll along the beach. Some couples love embarking upon new adventures together such as scuba diving or escaping, Robinson Crusoe style, to a deserted sandbank where snorkelling and a serene picnic can be enjoyed. If the simpler things in life are more to your liking, have the Hideaway team decorate your bed with beautiful flowers, organise a surprise breakfast in bed or even a floating breakfast in your private pool.

A cruise at sunset to view the glorious Maldivian sunset and the chance of spotting dolphins playing by the boat never fails to get a spot on the romantic holiday highlights list. Romance just isn’t complete without a candlelight dinner and at Hideaway they are on the beach under a blanket of stars, with your toes in the sand and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore. At Hideaway you can even enjoy a private movie night on the beach snuggled up in front of your favourite film with Taittinger Champagne, popcorn and chocolate dipped fruit skewers are included.

Hideaway is open for romance all year round so whisk your loved one away for an adventure neither of you will forget, full of moments to set your heart fluttering.

Romantic experiences can be booked using the Hideaway App or on

Cocktail Hour at Hideaway

Tropical holidays are never complete without stunning sunsets and stunning sunsets are not complete without a cocktail in your hand! The talented team of mixologists at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa have created a a tempting collection of cocktails – a different one for every day of the week. The quirky but delicious cocktails will ensure no two sunset experiences in the week are the same.

We can’t predict what Mother Nature has in store for the colours in the sky but we can share what the mixologists will be creating for you – we are wondering if you’ll be able to match the colours in your glass to the colours in sky or reflecting on the ocean – if you do, please take a photo and share with us on social media!

Martini Monday – James Bond Vesper Martini

Tequila Tuesday – Tequila Sunrise at Sundown

Whiskey Wednesday – Mint Julep

Thunder Thursday – Tropic Thunder

Funky Fusion Friday – Berry Fusion Martini

Chill-out Saturday – Singapore Sling

Sun-kissed Sunday Sip – Sun-kissed Sparkler

See you at Meeru Bar & Grill, for cocktail sipping sunsets!

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

This Was Hideaway’s Festive Season!

A magical world of festivities awaited those who decided upon Hideaway Beach & Spa Maldives as their destination for the Christmas, New Year and Orthodox Christmas holidays and if you want to see what you missed, immerse yourself in the video footage below.

Traditional merged seamlessly with tropical and we had a full programme to delight all ages. Our younger guests enjoyed a variety of activities from Christmas crafts and movies nights to fishing trips and treasure hunts; from pizza and mocktail making to palm leaf wreath making, all topped off with the grand arrival of Santa Claus himself on the 24th of December!

Grown-ups were looked after very well and feasted on scrumptious buffets and decadent treats courtesy of our talented culinary team who were determined to make this a celebration of gastronomy. Champagne sipping opportunities were aplenty and when paired with special excursions, entertainment, spa indulgences and the utter luxury of not having to plan Christmas gatherings at home, made for a truly wonderful escape.

We celebrated the end of 2023 and the start of 2024 with a White Party themed countdown to midnight which included a traditional Bodu Beru Show, an International DJ to help us dance the night away, and a spectacular fireworks show.

The festivities continued right up until 7th January 2024 when we rounded off the festive season celebrating Orthodox Christmas with a special set menu at Sunset Pool Cafe in the evening.

If you missed the festive season at Hideaway, there’s always the next one and it’s never too early to start planning – start with a visit to our special offers page!

Experience the Untouched Maldives at Hideaway

From the moment you first start dreaming of a holiday in the Maldives you’ll be imagining deserted islands with pristine white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise ocean. You’ll watch those dreams unfolding into reality on the seaplane flight where the bird’s-eye-view of the islands strung across the Indian Ocean will take your breath away. Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, in Haa Alif atoll, enjoys an enviable location in the northernmost area of the Maldives, perfectly secluded and hidden away from the rest of the world.

From the moment you set foot on the island, you’ll notice how natural and untouched Hideaway is – the pristine sands, lush vegetation and clear lagoons make this a destination that surpasses expectations. Just 10% of the island has been developed, leaving 90% to nature, taken care of by our dedicated team of gardeners. As day turned to evening and the spectacular sunsets fade, the night sky becomes a twinkling blanket of stars with a clarity hard to come by in areas where there is a higher concentration of resorts.

The untouched natural beauty goes beyond the resort island, guests choosing to explore the ocean during excursions by boat will find they rarely see other boats with the exception of perhaps a local fisherman on a small boat; those embarking upon scuba diving and snorkelling adventures will find they are usually the only group at the reef. There are 30 prime dive spots – all much less crowded since there are only a few resorts in this region compared to central Maldives where its much more crowded and not as pristine. Fewer divers and snorkellers mean an abundance of marine life ranging from clouds of tiny colourful fish to the iconic mantas and whalesharks that the Maldives is so well-known for.

Browse Hideaway’s collection of private and secluded villas and get ready for a stay amidst untouched natural beauty, your hideaway awaits!

Hideaway’s Villas

Utheemu Palace Maldives

Discover the Fascinating Cultural History of Utheemu Island

During a holiday in the Maldives, and especially so at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, it is very tempting to wile away the time soaking up the sun, wandering around the stunningly picturesque island and enjoying all amenities available, but the Maldives is so much more than this and after travelling so far it would be a shame not to experience a little culture too. Our specially curated Utheemu Island Experience allows our guests to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the Maldives and those who take advantage of this opportunity cite the trip as fascinating – they especially like living in the style of a Sultan whilst in residence at our Signature Collection Villas!

Utheemu Island is historically significant; it is the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu who ruled the Maldives from 1573 to 1585. He is known for fighting the Portuguese, who ruled over the Maldives from 1558–1573, and winning back the Independence of Maldives. The prime attraction of the Utheemu is the grand Utheemu Ganduvaru, which translates to Utheemu castle or palace, which was Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu’s childhood residence and today is a 500-year-old historical monument. Just 10 minutes away by ferry, Utheemu Island is within easy reach of Hideaway and presents the ideal opportunity to find out more about our island nation.

Hideaway’s newly built Signature Collection Villas are an ode to the Sultan and as such, are adorned with exquisite Arab/Maldivian designs exuding elegance, class and luxury at every turn – designed to make every guests staying in these residences feel like a Sultan or Sultana. The benefits of booking The Signature Collection don’t end with the luxurious surroundings, they flow throughout the stay with many perks and inclusions* to truly make your stay fit for royalty.

*Full list can be found on The Signature Collection website when scrolling down to ‘Privileges’ on the home page

Utheemu Palace Maldives

The Signature Collection