Maldivian customs and culture - Hideaway Beach Maldives

Culture & Customs

A Rich and Vibrant Culture

Maldivian customs and cultural background include Dhivehi, the local language, Bodu Beru, the traditional dance, dhonis, handcrafted boats. The first Maldivians came from Sri Lanka and India, with later influences from South East Asia, Arabia and Africa all adding to our countries culture and history.


Dhivehi is the local language, although English is widely spoken and very popular in the Maldives. All of our team at Hideaway speak English, and many of the staff speak numerous other languages too.


Islam is the predominant religion in Maldives, with Maldivians celebrating Muslim festivals and following the Islamic calendar. When visiting local islands, we request that women keep their shoulders and knees covered in order to respect the local culture.

Music & Dance

The most popular and the most extensively known form of music from Maldivian tradition is Bodu Beru, which means Big (Bodu) Drums (Beru). Bodu Beru is a dance song, starting with a slow beat and leading to a frenetic and tumultuous beat. It is usually performed by large groups of 15 to 20 men, including drummers, singers and dancers. Make sure you check out a Bodu Beru perormance during your stay if you get the chance!