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Earth Hour at Hideaway

On Saturday, 24th March, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa will celebrate the annual Earth Hour event to express its commitment to help preserving the planet.

Earth Hour is a global initiative which started in 2007 and is backed by the WWF and hopes to help unite millions of people around the world. For just one hour, Earth Hour encourages people to reflect on the role that nature and biodiversity plays in our lives and the initial event in Sydney started with the simple act of people turning off their lights, wherever they might have been during that period.

From 8:30 pm until 9:30 pm this Saturday, electric lights will be switched off in the restaurants and bars, retail outlets and the reception area. These areas will be lit by candles, and help to not only create a unique and special ambiance at the resort, but will also allow us to do our small part to saving valuable resources.

To express our commitment to a better future for our planet, we invite all guests to join the event and turn off non-essential lights in their room during this period.

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