“Discover golfing luxury: Pro coaching, simulators, eco-bio balls, and serene greens”

Golf in Paradise

A fun yet professional experience awaits at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa’s Golf Centre. Come and improve your game or learn from scratch with our state-of-the-art golf simulators and get coached by our very own in-house Golf Pro; practice your short game on the putting green, enjoy a game with friends and family or even indulge in some solo practice. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, there is something for everyone at the Hideaway Golf Centre. At the Pro Golf Shop you can find all the golfing essentials you’ll need, from a selection of clubs, shoes, attire, and gloves to Hideaway branded golf balls and Ecobioballs for fish feeding golf (at the beach), the Pro Golf Shop is well stocked with branded equipment perfect for the luxury golf player.

Golf Simulators

The key attraction at Hideaway’s Golf Centre is the state-of-the-art golf simulator (two cabins). The simulator has special cameras to capture the player’s golf swing and replay that to further aid our Golf Pro in improving their golf technique and iron out those bad habits accrued over one’s golfing life. This fun yet professional experience makes use of technology using sensors to capture every detail of the ball being hit to provide guests an almost as good experience as a round of golf on a real golfing range. Guests are provided with a full range of golf clubs, or they can bring their own set, or buy a set at the resort.

Putting Green

Situated next to the Hideaway Golf Centre is a putting green where guests will be able to perfect their short game and enjoy a relaxing five-holes of putting golf. There is a multitude of games and skills training that can be carried out on the green while being guided by our golf coach as well as independent practice.

Eco-bio Balls

Even the fish love golf at Hideaway – Ecobioballs are 100% biodegradable, have a core of fish food, are 100% safe for marine organisms and are certified non-toxic. Once the golf ball hits the water, it will begin to biodegrade and within 48 hours the outer shell will dissolve completely exposing the fish food inside for consumption by marine life. Our guests can practice their swing and feed the fish at any beach location on the island.

Where comfort meets seclusion – Hideaway offers the ultimate escape