Retail Facilities at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

Retail Therapy

Shop until you drop

When holidaying at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa it may be a good idea to travel light – ensuring plenty of space for the ‘must-have’ pieces you will find at our island boutiques.


Kamana Boutique

A treasure trove of souvenirs and gifts for friends and family, Kamana Boutique offers finely crafted items such as Maldivian art pieces, jewelry and hand-made fabrics made using traditional weaving methods. At Kamana Boutique there is a wide choice of last minute essentials such as sun protection lotions and other toiletries.

Try Once Gems & Jewellery Shop

Try Once Gems & Jewellery Shop offers high quality jewellery and precious gemstone collections. Our Jewellery Shop allows Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa guests to design their own custom-made jewellery for any occasion, from weddings or honeymoons to any special life event – perhaps a piece that has sparkle and brilliance to match the ocean, a totally enchanting souvenir of special times.

Meridis Dive Boutique

 The dive specialist boutique, where guests can purchase snorkelling and diving equipment with the expert advice and help of the Meridis team.

Spa Boutique Shop

 If you enjoyed your treatments at the Spa you will love this boutique where you will find a selection of the natural Balinese products used in our body and facial treatments, as well as many accessories.