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Hideaway could be the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards winner…

… if you believe we deserve it! The online ballot box for this year’s Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards is open, and we would be extremely grateful if you took a few minutes of your precious time and show your appreciation of the wonderful team at Hideaway by casting your vote.

We hope that your experience at Hideaway was repeat-worthy and you would recommend a holiday at this special place.. To show the world just how special the resort is, please follow the below steps to place your vote:
1. Click on the “Rate Us” button below and follow the instructions
2. Enter your details (name, last name, country, email)
3. Type in the name of the hotel “Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa”
4. Rate us!

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards Vote

Voting closes on July 5, 2019.

Let us thank you for your support in advance and make sure you keep your fingers crossed!

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