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Snorkelling in the Maldives with Ahmey at Hideaway!

Snorkelling is certainly one of the most popular guest experiences at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives. Boasting a spectacular house reef, it is possible to devote a large chunk of your holiday time at the resort to snorkelling. The sheer variety of fish life and coral species that can be seen is astonishing and can be experienced by even those that have never snorkelled before.

This is where Ahmey, our experienced and skilled snorkeling guide comes in.

Originally from the local island of Utheemu, just a short distance away from Hideaway, Ahmey has been working with us for almost 10 years, 5 of which has been as a snorkel guide.

If you’d like to get your snorkelling adventure started, join Ahmey for a guided house reef tour. This is also the perfect start for those that are experiencing the underwater world for the first time.

Follow this up with a guided trip to ‘Aquarium’ reef, Ahmey’s favourite snorkelling spot, offering an abundance of marine life! Hideaway’s location means that the surrounding reefs are some of the Maldives’ most unexplored, undamaged and remote.

If you are keen on new adventures and experiences, and a confident snorkeller then don’t miss the guided night snorkelling on the house reef; discover fish species and colours different to the ones visible during the daytime.

As a nature and ocean lover, Ahmey will also share his passion for preserving his country’s incredible wildlife. Ahmey’s continuous goal is to help protect the Ocean by preserving corals and keeping plastic away from it!

Aside from his regular snorkelling activity, Ahmey also assists the Recreation Department in booking excursions, scuba diving and island events. During his free time, Ahmey loves painting… you may come across some of his mural paintings at the resort…!

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