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Bottled water – pure and simple

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated whilst holidaying somewhere so gloriously hot and sunny as the Maldives. We also know about the harm that single-use plastics are doing to the world’s oceans and plastic water bottles play a big part in this global problem facing marine creatures such as turtles that are prolific on the reefs of this tropical island nation. At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa this was a dilemma that had to be faced and the result is a water bottling plant supplying all the island’s needs without a plastic bottle in sight!

Hideaway guests are able to enjoy deliciously pure and simple water in refillable chic glass bottles and the process is carried out on the island, making it even more environmentally friendly. An average of 600 bottles a day are refilled for consumption – that’s a lot of plastic bottles not ending up in the ocean.

The water processing plant is kept scrupulously clean with strict hygiene practices adhered to. The bottles themselves are sterilized in a special machine between each use and, for peace of mind, samples are sent away to Male each month for testing. Water is available in 500 ml or 1 litre bottles with a choice of still or sparkling.

Hideaway is one of the few resorts in the Maldives leading the way in the fight against single use plastic water bottles, only a few other resorts are able to offer this environmentally sustainable solution to staying hydrated.

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