World Wellness Weekend – Get Ready To Feel Great!

Wellness is a high priority at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives and, as such, we are very excited to be participating in the World Wellness Weekend event on 16th, 17th and 18th September 2022. World Wellness Weekend is an annual event which this year will see more than 140 countries taking part. It aims to highlight the importance of wellness and help people adopt healthier lifestyles and encourage participants to build positive relationships with bodies and minds that in turn will promote a life that feels balanced and good. There’s an array of wellness inspired activities and treats available so if you will be staying with us, get ready to kick-start positive and long-lasting results and to rejuvenate your body inside and out!

The main focus will be on healthy eating, exercise and relaxation – things that should feature in every single day of our lives and if you’re not going to be with us, you can use the program for some ideas to bring a little Hideaway wellness to your days at home.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is an absolute must and our detox juices are simply delicious and when coupled with our nutritionally balanced and fresh cuisine, will have you glowing from the inside out! As well as eating healthily you can learn to cook healthily too – Chef Oliver Mette will be hosting culinary classes where you can learn how to make healthy and delicious Vietnams rolls and healthy appetisers at home using foods known for their antioxidant properties. Why not plan a post-Maldives party and share your new skills with your friends so they can benefit too – this is also a great chance for you to show off your tan and incredible holiday snaps!

Keeping active is an important part of wellness, endorphine-releasing exercise creates that feel-good factor we just love. Join us for Sunrise Yoga and enjoy not only the exercise but also the beauty of an early Maldivian morning before the rest of the island awakes. Take your physical activity at a more fast-paced level by joining our Padel Tennis lessons – found out why this new craze is the world’s fastest growing racket sport.

If you feel tired just thinking about all that activity, ensure you make time to visit the spa too. As well as indulging in treatments, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make a body scrub and take part in a Massage Masterclass with our experienced therapists.

It’s going to be a great weekend for wellness and the start of positive things to come, we look forward to sharing it with you.

Wellness Weekend Program

Padel Tennis Maldives

Padels Up for a Game of Padel Tennis At Hideaway

The Maldives is the perfect tropical escape, surrounded by white sandy beaches and embellished with lush natural island beauty. It is also ideal for active travellers looking for a retreat in a sunny paradise filled with many adrenaline-filled activities to break out a sweat in the tropical weather. As such, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for your next island vacation due to the sheer number of recreational experiences available at the resort, and now with one additional recreational activity available from this month onwards – Padel Tennis.

Padel Tennis (also known as Padel) is a racket sport typically played in doubles on an enclosed court roughly 25% smaller than a tennis court. Scoring is the same as regular tennis, with similar balls but slightly less pressure. The court, rules, and play styles are very different from regular tennis. The main differences are that the court has walls where players can play the balls off them, similar to the game of squash, and that solid bats are used. The height of the ball being served must be at or below the waist level.

Padel Tennis Maldives

Padel Tennis is considered the fastest growing sport in the world and has been attracting celebrity players and advocates in recent years, including Peter Crouch, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Andy Murray. Padel Tennis courts are being built worldwide and Maldives is no exception with Hideaway proudly being one of the few providers of this experience here. Guests can book the courts to play together or opt to book one of our sports masters or tennis pros to have a hit around together. The new Padel Tennis court is next to the Hideaway Golf Centre – a fairly recent addition to Hideaway’s vast number of recreational activities. Notable among these activities include, professionally surfaced two tennis courts, a huge and well-stocked gym, a rec room with table tennis and foosball, an outdoor gym with a punching bag, a half-basketball court, and many more experiences on the way.

Padel Tennis Maldives

“Creating novel and exciting experiences has always been an important part of the ethos of Hideaway so that there is no shortage of activities to do during your stay at the resort. Guests are spoilt for choice with novel experiences from our state-of-the-art Golf Simulator, beautiful five-hole Putting Green, and now Padel Tennis. Some more exciting experiences are in the works, and we look forwards to unveiling them soon”, says Christophe Adam, General Manager at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.

So come on down to enjoy this juxtaposition of tennis and squash with a game of Padel Tennis at your perfect hideaway in the Maldives!

Ride Your Own Waves with eSurfing

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives is proud to offer guests the exciting ocean sport of eSurfing, where you can harness the power of technology and experience electronic surfing in one of the best ocean environments in the world.

The eSurf board has a jet engine and you surf in any style you like – a gentle ride cutting across the mirror-like surface of the sparkling Maldivian lagoons or chasing thrills that come from sharp turns and speed. Beginners and surfing pros alike will get something from the experience, it’s new, exciting, a lot of fun, and perfect for Hideaway where there are no natural surfing waves.

Beginners can start off by lying down on the board and progress to kneeling before trying to stand, experienced surfers will probably just jump straight on and catch those waves without problem. The power button should be pressed in a slow and controlled manner unless you want to show off your acrobatic skills! A little balance is needed but once comfortable riding in a straight line it’s time to get to grips with turns, gentle at first. It’s quite intuitive, lean to the direction you want to turn and the board will follow. Once confidence has soared try sharper turns by moving your weight to towards the back of the board and lean as before – you’ll be turning like a pro in no time.

Come and ride the eWaves with us at Hideaway soon, until then, immerse yourself in the clip below and imagine the fun you’ll have.

Browse Water Sports at Hideaway

Hideaway Maldives Valentines Day

Romantic Maldives Honeymoon at Hideaway

A honeymoon is the most romantic holiday of people’s lives, it is the start of a new chapter, where the love story continues as a journey for a couple embarking upon the rest of their lives together. The choice of where to spend such an important milestone event requires a lot of pondering – after all, the world is a big place! The Maldives is the romance capital of the world… and Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is a jewel in the romantic crown, for every good reason too…

Luxurious, secluded villas
Whether it is a private beach villa or a stunning and secluded overwater villa, honeymooners will find everything they are looking for and more. Private pools coupled with amazing views are just the beginning!

Ultimate romantic dining occasions
A romantic candlelit dinner under a blanket of stars, a charming picnic on a deserted Maldivian island, a private barbecue on a secluded beach or an intimate seafood feast in a dining pavilion over the water – the only limit is the imagination, our chefs are waiting to make gastronomic dreams a reality with the private dining occasions at Hideaway.

New adventures to be experienced together
The Maldives is world-renowned as a top scuba diving destination and there is no better place to try it as a novice: the waters are crystal clear, warm and abundantly full of colour and life. A new shared experience will be a honeymoon highlight as memories are created together and the possibility of a new hobby to share emerges. Honeymooners are a ready-made buddy team! If competitive sport is more your thing, challenge each other to one of the many sports available at the resort.

World-class Spa
After all the hard work of planning a wedding, a little (or a lot!) of pampering is an absolute necessity. Spellbinding treatments for couples in stunning surroundings at Hideaway Spa will delight the senses and bring together mind, body and soul.

Click here to read more about Honeymoons at Hideaway.

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Hideaway says “YES!” to Wellness

Global Wellness Day is celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of June every year, and in honour of this special day, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa went above and beyond to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and spiritually. Hideaway said “YES!” to wellness by filling the day with a fun-filled schedule of wellness-inspired activities for guests to enjoy. In addition to that, we also offered a surprise special discount on all spa treatments, selected dive center programmes, and motorized water sports activities.

The event began with calming Sunrise Salutation Yoga, allowing guests to start their day in paradise feeling centred and serene. Next, they got their pulses raising at Aquafit, followed by a special afternoon Golfing Experience at the resort’s high-tech Golf Simulator and Putting Green. Other activities included a thrilling Water Sports competition hosted by Deep Blue Watersports, Beach Volleyball against the staff team, and a Sunset Healthy Apéritif Cooking Class with Executive Chef, Oliver Mette. To close the event, guests danced the night away under the Maldivian stars with our in-house DJ.

“Wellness is becoming something of very much importance around the globe, thus with the annual celebration of this event, we aim to showcase the wellness experiences available at the resort. Together with those experiences in conjunction with the natural beauty and lush vegetation of the resort, we hope to provide not just on global wellness day but all day every day, a curated environment that offers complete physical, mental, and social well-being for our guests and our associates”. – General Manager Christophe Adam.

At Hideaway, you will find a multitude of wellness and fitness experiences such as professional tennis courts, a state-of-the-art golf simulator, and a well-stocked gym, with even more exciting fitness and wellness experiences coming later in the year.

Keep a close eye on Hideaway’s special offers and get ready to say “Yes!” to a wellness retreat of your very own design with the help of the Hideaway App or and don’t miss next year’s Global Wellness Day celebration programme.

Love is all around with Hideaway being recognised as a ‘Best of the Best’ Romantic Hotel in Asia by Tripadvisor

We are very pleased to announce that Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has been awarded the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best – the highest honour Tripadvisor bestows with winners of this award ranking among the top 1% of listings on Tripadvisor in various categories. With this award, guests have recognised through Tripadvisor that Hideaway is one of the Best of the Best Romantic Hotels in Asia.

Considering the vast number of romantic sanctuaries in the Maldives, to be ranked as #11 in the whole of Asia is a privilege and honour. We will make sure we offer some great romantic experiences in the resort in terms of private dining and excursions and beyond to hopefully keep being one of the best in this category in the years to come. Can’t have done this without the help of the dedicated team from the amazing butlers, the creative and dedicated housekeeping team, the multi-talented F&B team, and the rest who are going the extra mile to make sure to create dreamy experiences that couples will love and cherish during their lovely stay in the Maldives”, says the resort’s General Manager – Mr. Christophe Adam.

As per Tripadvisor, the Travelers’ Choice Awards are based on reviews and opinions collected in a single year from Tripadvisor’s global community of travellers. It goes to show if great experiences are being offered by hospitality providers, guests will be their biggest of fans by taking the time to write about their stays with the property.

In addition to his statement, Christophe also noted that without guests letting the world know of the magically romantic experiences that they have experienced at the resort via social media and platforms like Tripadvisor, these kinds of accolades and recognition would not have been possible. So together with his team, he wishes to use this opportunity to extend their heartfelt thanks to each and every one of those guests.

Visit Tripadvisor to see what recent guests are saying about their stay at the resort.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is a hidden jewel tucked away deep in the northern Maldives on Dhonakulhi Island, Haa Alifu Atoll. Pristine, untouched, and picturesque, this five-star resort is a scenic 75-minute seaplane ride from Male’ International Airport, straight to the resort.

Peace and quiet are guaranteed at Hideaway, which will always live up to its name because space and privacy are built into the very essence of this natural paradise. This crescent-shaped island is enveloped by a lush tropical ecosystem, which eclipses the small portions occupied by villas and outlets. With some of the largest beachfront villas in the country and assured privacy from other guests, Hideaway offers absolute escapism to those who seek it as they enjoy their very own piece of heaven on Earth. Make the best use of the massive private beachfront area in each beach villa, such as having private dining at the beach right near your villa with your loved one.

The resort’s uncompromising attentiveness to its guests, coupled with delicious culinary dishes, fantastic watersports adventures including a floating aqua park, calming wellness concepts, and breath-taking natural beauty, make it the ultimate experience for a tranquil honeymoon or romantic getaway. All guests are treated to their very own personal butler that knows the resort like the back of their hand and can advise on how to get the maximum value out of any vacation. They will disclose the best snorkelling spots, customise excursions to fit individual needs and work hard to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Hideaway strives to create an environment where others can relax and enjoy their time in luxury and privacy – a perfectly splendid hideaway from all the worries of the outside world. Come and experience it for yourself: you and your partner deserve it.

Professional Photo shoot and Video shoot Maldives - Hideaway Beach Resort

Summer Season in the Maldives is Perfect for Families

Traditional high season in the Maldives is in the winter and early spring but, unlike other destinations in the tropics, there is sunshine and fabulous weather all year round. The summer season sees a little more cloud and occasional downpour but the temperatures are still balmy, the crystal clear lagoons are still bath-like and you’ll still be basking under the glorious equatorial sun most of the time, and go home with a tan that has ‘I’ve been to a far-flung exotic location’ written all over it!

Low season in the Maldives is the perfect time for families with young children to visit – it’s not quite as overwhelmingly hot as in the winter and there is often a lovely gentle breeze to make the temperatures more bearable – an added bonus is that prices are more affordable at this time of year too! During the long school summer holidays, the beaches of Europe become crowded as families descend on them, restaurants are busy and sunbeams by the pool are prime real estate, excursions can be chaotic experiences when booked with the masses too. Although the Maldives is further away, it’s an easy trip and once here, the relaxation and calm of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa will envelope you and you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never thought to visit in the summer before. Even at full capacity, our beautiful resort island is an oasis of calm, there’s plenty of space for everyone – little ones can splash in the calm shallow lagoon or even play in the pool, parents can join them for watersports fun and time on our incredible inflatable Aqua Park and discover the delights of letting our friendly team at Tender Hearts Kids Club entertain the children while they indulge in precious ‘us-time’ with a spa treatment, quiet cocktail or even a diving trip.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is a sanctuary for playful kids and devoted parents – everyone can find their happy place here and once experienced you’ll probably never want to partake in the hustle and bustle of Europe’s holiday resorts in peak season ever again!

Amir Badr Appointed as Hideaway’s New Resident Manager

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Amir Badr as the Resident Manager of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and our elevated luxury collection, The Signature Collection by Hideaway in the Maldives.

Born to Russian-Palestinian parents and raised in Oman, Amir comes with a diverse background within the hospitality industry with a career in the industry in locations such as Malaysia, Australia, Oman, and Thailand. He joins the operations team at the resort with over 12 years of experience in hotel management.

Amir is a leader with a genuine passion for the hospitality industry and ready to challenge himself and his team by constantly delivering immaculate luxury service to guests and leading the team to success in this endeavour. His career so far is a testament of his drive to build a team that is consistently motivated to go above and beyond to exceed guest expectations in the luxury servicescape. With a solid educational base formed in renowned hospitality schools such as Les Roches and experience earned by the challenge of being a founder/managing director of a hospitality management firm based in Thailand, and by working with renowned brands such as Six Senses in the past, he brings a well-rounded leadership ability to the local owner-operator in a very challenging and epoch time of the organisation and the industry as whole.

Amir mentioned, “Our aim is to create a motivated, hard-working, loyal family who will be proud to represent Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa as well as The Signature Collection. Creating a positive working environment influences the experience guests to receive. Supporting our team, listening to their side of the story, motivating them when times are busy, working on their weaknesses, and appreciating their point of view on our decisions will create such an environment. As a result, we are creating a solid foundation upon which we can build and also ensure that we can offer our guests memorable experiences that will enhance our reputation in the future. Plus, we look forward to providing our guests with extraordinary offers and added value ranging from different experiences on this beautiful natural island”.

Together with General Manager Christophe Adam, this well-powered team aims to achieve some exciting milestones in the coming months, especially in running a tight ship in unfamiliar waters to get the bespoke luxury experience over at The Signature Collection with expansive multi-bedroom villas and fine-dining restaurant, bar, and lounge at the Oasis. They are looking to raise the bar in hospitality excellence especially in a heavily competitive industry in the Maldives.

General Manager Christophe Adam has this to say about his peer’s appointment, “We are delighted to welcome Amir to our team, and we are confident that Amir’s strong attention for detail, passion for luxury service, and appreciation for an authentic sense of place will be a great asset to lead our amazing team members in delivering memorable experiences to our valued guests”.

Amir noted that there are some new and exciting features coming soon to the resort that he is working on with the GM and the team to get them released this year to their guests. These include some new sports and recreation facilities and possibly a new marine experience as well. He also stated that they will be releasing a brand-new menu for the Oasis to showcase the culinary experiences that await the Signature Guests coming to enjoy the brand-new collection’s experience at the resort. In addition to that, he hopes to get a key unique feature of the resort – the Marina – up and running as soon as possible.

With exciting new features and the new collection at Hideaway, there is no doubt that Amir will set high-performance standards for himself and his team to ensure that they maintain a high level of service to delight our discerning guests and to truly offer luxury as expected and beyond in the Maldives.

Kids Yoga

Family Holiday Destination of Your Dreams

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to miss out on incredible holiday destinations, we invite you to embrace adventure and join us at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives for the family holiday of your dreams!

The Maldives has a reputation as a luxurious honeymoon destination, a place full of couples and romance and although Hideaway is all of those things, but it’s much more than that, its also a safe-haven for parents and their children with facilities dedicated to making their stay incredible and unforgettable.

Little ones can enjoy a huge array of activities at the Tender Hearts Kids Club where our mascot, Lahr the Lion, will help to create days full of unimaginable fun. Kids Club isn’t just about the kids though – parents will love it for the opportunities it gives them for some real down time – an indulgent spa treatment, exciting dive trip or simply a delicious cocktail while reading a good book. At Hideaway we firmly believe in catering to all our guests’ needs.

It can be a challenge to find the dream location, that has a villa large enough for the whole family, but the search ends at Hideaway. There is a choice of spacious villas, with two bedrooms and even their own pools. Parents have the freedom of putting the children to bed and sitting outside watching the incredible starlit night sky while enjoying a drink together.

Don’t worry about there not being enough to do – at Hideaway the only problem you will have is fitting the activities into your stay – you may need to extend and stay an extra week! There are ocean adventures galore including Private Fishing Fun, dolphin spotting and snorkelling with turtles. The Floating Aquatic Park is great entertainment for the entire family and you can make up your own games and see who makes a splash first. On dry land there’s kid’s golf as well as an assortment of other sporting activities. Explore our large 33 hectare island and go on a family bike ride (not something you’d expect to be able to do in the Maldives!) courtesy of the bicycles available in every room, including kids sizes.

Anyone who says, “The Maldives is not for kids” has not been to Hideaway!

Maldives Easter

Enjoy Easter Your Way at Hideaway

This Easter, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has created a fun-filled calendar of experiences to showcase the very best that the resort has to offer, both for couples and families alike. Every day, from dawn to dusk, there are a variety of activities to take part in and enjoy.

During this special period, all guests will be able to choose from a range of experiences from the following categories, so no matter what type of Easter you want, you’ll find it at Hideaway.

Serene Easter

In order to find balance and harmony, and to stay afloat amidst the chaotic life that most now lead, you should check out Serene Easter activities. Yoga, meditation, special spa treatments, and watching the evening fish feeding while having tea are a few great options to find some reprieve while at our 33-hectare resort.

Active Easter

For those seeking adventure and thrills on the island, Active Easter activities are the right fit. To get the blood pumping, calories burning, and adrenaline flowing, and in order to keep the spirit of friendly competition alive, guests should also check out the various Easter Games happening such as the Easter Egg Hunt and Balloon Egg Toss.

Gusto Easter

Gusto Easter experiences are a nice refresher. Culinary adventures await the Easter Islanders who want to have world class food and drinks and appreciate the finer things in life. Hideaway has many exciting and delectable treats ready for the palate of even the most discerning foodaholics.

Chill Easter

Chill Easter experiences provide a relaxing atmosphere for the Easter Islanders to kick back and relax. Easter Islanders can either chill at the resort’s usual watering holes during Happy Hour at Meeru Bar and Sunset Pool Café, or relax in good company while enjoying Easter Movie Night, or Dance the night away.

Junior Easter Islanders

Children’s resort activities are always an unforgettable part of any stay at Hideaway, especially during the holidays. Our Kids Club have created a full program of fun for our younger guests including movies, crafts, cooking, sports and games!

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is open to all so get ready to search for the eggs left by the Easter Bunny!

Full Easter Program

Maldives Easter