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Kids Will Have a Roaring Time at Hideaway’s Kids Club

Meet Lahr the lion – the star of the new logo for Hideaway Beach Resort’s Tender Hearts Kids Club. Lions are symbols of courage and bravery and inspiration for our new logo came from the much-loved story, The Wizard of Oz, where the cowardly lion became courageous.

Courage is a quality that underpins a life full of positivity and happiness and at Hideaway we believe in providing children with plenty of opportunities to develop it. Courage enables us to step outside our comfort zone, learn a new skill, stay positive when we experience setbacks, forgive others and stand up for what we believe in; it also underpins many other virtues. As one of the larger island resorts in the Maldives, Hideaway Beach has a wide collection of activities and adventures that will allow your child to build confidence and grow their courageous spirit, going home with a roar that is just a little bit louder than before!

Hideaway’s Tender Hearts Kids Club offers a special program of activities for children, both the younger travellers and those who are a little older and enjoy a bit more independence. These activities range from arts and crafts through to kayaking and nature walks, tree planting and fishing and even underwater adventures in ‘Penguin’, Hideaway’s semi-submersible to view the incredible marine life. The Kids Club welcomes children between ages of 3 and 12, with a special program for children aged 10 to 12 in recognition of their needs.

Our private island resort offers a safe place for kids to play and explore, as well as to discover an incredible natural world around them – they’ll enjoy the Maldives as much as the grown-ups do.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

Global Wellness Day Program

Now more than ever, the importance of looking after ourselves is clear, a healthy body and a healthy mind are two of the greatest riches we can have but sadly it’s all too easy to be caught up in the ‘busy-ness’ of life and our own wellbeing often takes second place to all the ‘things-to-be-done’. 12th June marks Global Wellness Day and it’s the perfect opportunity to make positive changes. If you’re staying at Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives, we invite you to join us for a day filled with activities that will soothe your mind and relax your body. Treat yourself to the ultimate wellness journey you deserve.

The main focus of the day will be on healthy eating, exercise and relaxation – things that should feature in every single day of our lives and if you’re not going to be with us, you can use the program for some ideas to bring a little Hideaway wellness to your days at home.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is an absolute must and our detox smoothies are simply delicious! With healthy food and drinks available throughout the day (as always!) and a healthy eating cooking class, you will be glowing from the inside out and have new skills to take home with you too.

Zumba and beach yoga sessions allow you can take your physical activity as fast-paced or as slow as you wish. Those seeking exercise with a little dose of healthy competition thrown in will enjoy the beach volleyball competition against the staff team as well as a watersports competition on our sparkling blue lagoon.

If you feel tired just thinking about all that activity, ensure you book for the coconut beauty treatment at the spa, where you will be welcomed with aloe vera and cucumber shots and Hibiscus tea upon arrival.

Fun is an important factor in wellness and at Hideaway there’s plenty of it to be had, including eco-golf where the balls you hit feed the fish! Fun and wellness go hand in hand when it comes to our littlest guests so we have a very special well-being program for kids too, with yoga, Zumba, tennis, cycling and barefoot walking – a good night’s sleep guaranteed for all!

It’s going to be a great day for wellness and the start of positive things to come, we look forward to sharing it with you.

Wellness Day Program

Kids Activities

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

World Oceans Day – Sustaining Life and Livelihoods

Each year on 8th June the global community joins forces to celebrate World Oceans Day, with the aim of sparking awareness of the plight of our oceans. At Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives we are surrounded by the clear, warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean and you only have to don a mask and take a peek below the surface to see the astounding abundance of life on the coral reefs on which the Maldives is formed. Sadly, pristine marine environments where species are safe from destructive fishing methods are few and far between across the globe.

The oceans are the life force of the planet, they cover over 70% of the surface, provide 50% of our oxygen and absorb greenhouse gases, they regulate the climate and are home to most biodiversity on Earth, they also provide food and livelihoods for many. Despite all the amazing things our oceans do, they are not given sufficient protection, they are suffering from pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction – current use of the oceans worldwide is unsustainable and they need help.

At Hideaway Beach Resort you can see for yourself the oceans at their best, go snorkelling or scuba diving, take a fishing trip where only sustainable methods are used, have a go at free-diving or enjoy a wide range of watersports. The water is warm, clear and full of life, it allows for adventure, provides a fantastic playground and the perfect place in which to take a cooling dip. Celebrate the oceans during your next stay at Hideaway and then tell everyone you know about the importance of protecting them. Awareness is the first step in putting a stop to the destruction of life on our blue planet.

Hideaway Maldives Resort Scuba Diving

Swim With Sea Turtles in the Maldives

A holiday at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives will be full of incredible experiences but one that is always cited as a highlight amongst our guests is swimming with sea turtles. Six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are found in the Maldives and despite regular sightings on the reefs here, they are classified as endangered globally so an opportunity to encounter them in their natural habitat is not to be missed.

During your stay with us, you can embark upon a Turtle Snorkelling Adventure at a nearby reef and tick off a much-coveted bucket list item. After just a 20-minute dhoni boat ride, you will jump into the crystal clear sparkling ocean above a reef fringing an uninhabited island and go in search of the resident hawksbill turtles. Upon spotting these fascinating creatures it’s very important to keep in mind that they are endangered and to ensure encounters and respectful and responsible. Key points to remember are:

  • Move slowly in the water with minimal splashing and refrain from talking where possible – although you may feel like shouting for joy at seeing a turtle, you don’t want to scare it away!
  • Leave a clear path for the turtle to get to the surface for their next breath – never swim directly above the turtle.
  • keep your distance and approach calmly from the side – your encounter will be much longer if the turtle is not frightened.
  • Never ever chase or attempt to touch turtles.

At the reefs close to Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives there is a vast array of life to be seen and although the turtles are the stars of the show on this excursion, you will also be swimming amongst an abundance of tropical reef fish with the possibility of moray eels, rays and larger species of fish too.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to join this and other popular activities, download the Hideaway App and as soon as you have a confirmed reservation you can book your place before you even get here! You can also browse all the other exciting things there are to do to build the most amazing holiday itinerary!

Turtle Snorkelling Adventure

Find out more about the Hideaway App

Private Luxury Sunset Cruise

Pre-book Your Hideaway Holiday Highlights

It’s a happy moment when you click ‘Book Now‘ for your holiday at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives, it opens the door to a whole array of exciting experiences and adventures and with the Hideaway App you can start the planning for these while still at home. With so many highlights awaiting it makes perfect sense to pre-book those that are top of your ‘must-do’ list to make sure you don’t miss out – it’s all too easy to fall into the laid back lifestyle full of leisurely swims, barefoot wanderings and delectable dining and then get to the last day and realise you’ve not done some of the things you’d set your heart on.

The Hideaway App makes planning and booking your holiday highlights easy, you can browse even before booking but once you have a confirmed reservation you can log in and reserve your spot on the iconic experiences that will really showcase what a holiday in the Maldives is all about. Be prepared – once you see all the options you may wish you’d booked an extra few days!

It’s your holiday so plan it your way – if a laid back approach is what you’re looking for you can have our team prepare you a delicious picnic hamper to enjoy on the beach, indulge in an afternoon treatment at Hideaway Spa and then join our dhoni sunset cruise with the chance of encountering dolphins as they come and play at the bow and wake of the boat. Action-packed, adventure-seeking days can be planned with ease – everything from fishing and scuba diving to snorkelling and catamaran sailing plus many more adrenalin-pumping activities with our exciting range of power sports. Romantics will love a private movie night under the stars with Champagne, popcorn and chocolate-dipped fruit skewers as snacks. You can even book baby-sitting services in advance – especially useful for anniversary celebrations if you’d like a romantic dinner together without the smaller members of your family! You can book your children into the Tender Hearts kids club via the App too and they can join in a huge variety of exciting activities from yoga and nature exploring to painting and crab racing – an extra bonus for parents who want a guilt-free quiet cocktail.

Download the App to pre-book your experiences:

Hideaway Beach Resort mobile appHideaway Beach Resort mobile app

If you would prefer to use a version of the App without the need to download it please click here.

Hideaway Beach Resort Crowned ‘Best Luxury Hideaway Resort’ by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is very proud to have been crowned ‘Best Luxury Hideaway Resort’ in the Maldives in the 2021 Luxury Lifestyle Awards – a very aptly named award for our resort. The award recognizes and celebrates only those goods and services around the world that stand out from the crowd in offering genuine luxury and at Hideaway Beach Resort that luxury is entwined through all elements of our operation.

Luxurious Space & Privacy Situated in the far north of the Maldives, away from the areas where most resorts are found, Hideaway Beach Resort offers pure escapism on an island where 90% remains natural and untouched. Nestled amongst tropical vegetation or perched atop the ocean, our choice of 9 villa categories are true hideaways.

Luxurious Safety & Wellness From arrival, to departure and every moment in between, the health and wellbeing of our guests are paramount. The resort’s Covid-19 procedures are effective yet unobstrusive, social distancing is nothing new here and there’s so much space it’s easy to forget the stresses of the ‘new normal’, take a deep breath and relax for the duration of your stay – a luxury in itself.

Luxurious Service From the front office and kitchen, to the water sports and spa, the Hideaway team is uncompromising in its attentiveness to guests needs. Whether arranging special requests, customising excursions, or organising events, the Hideaway team works hard to exceed expectations. The 24/7 butler service included in the White Platinum Plan ensures your every whim is catered for.

Luxurious Hideaway Experience the quintessential Maldivian island adventure; rest, relax, and rejuvenate in the tropical Maldives with Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa as your getaway to bliss. Escapism at its finest awaits at this luxurious island hideaway and with multiple dining options and meal plans it will be just right for you, no matter what your requirements are.

Check our current offers and book to see for yourself the best luxury hideaway resort in the Maldives – Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.

Hideaway Awards

Hideaway appoints Carlo Di Nunzio as Executive Chef

Hideaway is very excited to welcome Chef Carlo Di Nunzio as our new Executive Chef. Originally from Torino, Italy, Chef Carlo is bringing with him an accomplished and impressive skillset and over 32 years of food experience, expertise, and management.

His passion for food is fuelled by the long-held belief that cooking is the only job in the world that brings out positive emotion in others. The joy and emotion in the faces of those who experience his culinary adventures and react to well-made dishes drive him as a chef. Preparing good food makes people happy- it is as simple as that.

Though initially inspired by the Italian palate, Chef Carlo has moved across the world in his mission to make people happy through food. He has honed new skills and gathered experience in Switzerland, France, Romania, Egypt, England, and Portugal before ending up here in the paradisiacal islands of the Maldives. During his time overseas, Carlo worked in international hotel chains and Michelin Star restaurants to better himself and further his mantra to bring joy to even the pickiest and hard-to-please customers.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do- and that is exactly what Chef Carlo practices during his time in the Maldives. To do this, he never ceases to stop learning and prefers to hear from local chefs about the way of the craft. In turn, he imparts his knowledge and as a team, they create some wonderful dishes for the guests.

Chef Carlo has already started sharing creations at Hideaway with countless recipes in the works together with the culinary team. As the resort’s new Executive Chef, he says that he is looking to wow and impress the resort’s guests with his many culinary delights and bring dining at Hideaway to the next level.

We can’t wait to see what he creates and are confident you will love all the new dishes available across the resort.

Enjoy An Easter Surprise Bonanza This April

This Easter, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has created a fun-filled calendar of experiences to showcase the very best that the resort has to offer, both for couples and families alike. Every day, from dawn to dusk, there are a variety of activities to take part in and enjoy.

During this special period, all guests will be able to choose from a range of experiences from the following categories, so no matter what type of Easter you want, you’ll find it at Hideaway.

Serene Easter

Those seeking, rest, balance and harmony, and to stay afloat in the chaotic life that most of us lead, guests should check out our Serene Easter activities. Yoga, meditation, special spa treatments, and swims with stingrays are a few great options on offer.

Active Easter

For those seeking adventure and thrills on the island, Active Easter will be perfect. Try group kayaking or take part in the “first steps” scuba diving programme conducted by Dive Center Meridis. To keep the spirit of friendly competition alive, check out the traditional hand line fishing competition and the table tennis tournament that will be run over the Easter Period.

Gusto Easter

After working up quite an appetite following all the physical activities on offer, Gusto Easter experiences are a nice refresher. Culinary adventures await those who want to have world-class food and drinks and appreciate the finer things in life.

You will be taken on a culinary journey to India, the Mediterranean, Mexico, and various other locations via food, which culminates in a special spread of delectable dishes created by the one and only Master of Food at the resort, Executive Chef Carlo Di Nunzio. In the spirit of Easter, a special tasting of artisanal chocolates made in-house by our Master Chocolate Chef promises to be the ultimate way to celebrate.

Chill Easter

After all the food, exercise, and self-reflection, you just need to relax. This is where Chill Easter experiences come in, promising to provide a relaxing atmosphere for the Easter Islanders to kick back and relax. The more outgoing of you can come and socialise at the resort’s usual watering holes during Happy Hour – Meeru Bar and Sunset Pool Café. For those who value solitude as a priority, Hideaway can arrange the ultimate hide-away experience: a private sandbank dinner in the middle of the ocean at sunset, with your partner or close friends.

Junior Easter Islanders

Children’s resort activities are always an unforgettable part of any stay at Hideaway, especially during holidays. This year, we especially want to recognize and give kudos to all good boys and good girls during this trying period. As a reward, kids at Hideaway will enjoy more chocolate than they thought possible.

The main event during this Easter season is the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The yearly Easter Egg Hunt will see family members of all ages team up to search high and low across the huge island, looking for hidden wooden eggs which can be exchanged for real chocolates. The person who finds the most eggs will be awarded a special prize.

For full details of all the activities on offer, for all ages, make sure you check out Hideaway’s Easter Program here.

Hideaway Zoom Backgrounds

If you’re spending your days dreaming about your perfect holiday on our beautiful island and your fond memories of Hideaway Beach in the Maldives, we have the perfect way to give a tropical boost to your meetings and to bring a little bit of Hideaway into your home.

Transport yourself back to our “paradisiaque” island with one of these 5 beautiful Zoom backgrounds and add a little bit of tropical sun to your meetings, family catch-ups and online quiz nights. Whether you wish to pretend to be sitting on the beach, sipping a cocktail at your water villa, or enjoying a beautiful sunset over the ocean. These tropical backgrounds, which can also be used on other platforms too, are completely free of charge and be downloaded and used as often as you wish.

They may not be quite as good as the real thing, but they are a great way to keep the blues at bay and brighten up your day until your next visit to Hideaway!

To download any of the backgrounds below, just click the image. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we will continue to update and to the selection of images available.

Maldives Honeymoon Resort - Maldives honeymoon Packages - Hideaway Beach Resort

Your Romantic Hideaway

The beautiful island of Hideaway Beach Maldives offers natural charm, pristine beauty, and total privacy for your romantic holiday.

Whether it is for a honeymoon celebration or another romantic holiday during the year, there is no better place to celebrate your love. Every moment of your time at the resort, from arrival to departure, you and your partner have the opportunity to discover romantic experiences of which others only dream, all whilst receiving award-winning service from our dedicated team.

Private Sandbank, Robinson Crusoe Style

Spending quality time with your loved one is at the very heart of romance. Relax on your own private sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean, far away from all distractions and even other people. Enjoy a picnic, lounging on the sand, or snorkelling in the nearby waters, just you and your loved one.

Bath & Bed Decorations

Expressing your emotions through acts and gifts can work wonders when words just do not cut it anymore. Bed & bath decorations add a bit of glamour and flair to your stay, the perfect little surprise to round off the perfect day. Alternatively, enjoy a romance-inspired culinary journey with the diverse spread found on a floating breakfast in your personal pool or surprise your partner with the first meal of the day in bed.

Sunset Cruise

It’s a classic and for good reason. Can you think of anything more lovely than a sunset? We cannot, which is why the Sunset Cruise is such a sought-after activity at Hideaway. Enjoy a glass of champagne with your partner as you watch the great canvas that is the Maldivian evening sky changing right in front of you as you cruise across the calm waters of the ocean, if you’re lucky, dolphins accompany you, playing the wake.

Romantic Beach Dinner Under the Stars with Private BBQ

An intimate dinner just for two is one of the most special experiences to be enjoyed on Hideaway. We create a magical atmosphere on the beach with candles, hanging lights, and torches – all to the backdrop of the moon and ebbing waves. This candlelit dinner promises to be a highlight of your trip, whether it is the first or last experience on your romantic holiday at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa.