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Customise Your Holiday at Hideaway Beach Maldives

At Hideaway Beach Maldives we are always looking to make your stay perfect. We already believe we have the perfect location, and an incredible team on hand to offer you perfect service and, most of the time, we have perfect weather too!

To help improve your stay experience, from the moment you first arrive, we’re introducing the My Holiday Planner. The My Holiday planner allows you to specify your interests and preferences before you arrive, from your prefered pillow type and bathrobe size to the activities you are interested in joining and experiencing during your stay.

This allows us to customise your stay to your needs, so your room is perfect frim the 1st night and our team can tell you all about the activities you are interested in from the very start.

We believe that no two holiday experiences are the same and we strive to provide a unique experience to each guest. This page will help us to do just that.

Of course, if you discover something new whilst at the resort or change your mind our team will be happy to make any changes needed and help you plan experiences that take your fancy during your stay, but the planner gives us the chance to tick all the right boxes from the moment you step on to our beautiful island for the first.

The My Holiday planner also allows you to let us know about any dietary requirements or preferences so that we can ensure that our kitchen team are catering to your needs during your stay, without you needing to worry.

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