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Discover freediving at Hideaway

The Maldives is famous for its underwater realm, and this is the reason why diving and snorkelling are offered in every resort, Hideaway included!

At Meridis Dive Center, we offer more. If you dream of diving, but can’t be bothered carrying the breathing equipment, and if when snorkelling you feel you are not getting enough of the underwater wonders, then you should definitely try freediving!

Yuko and Kirsten, our 2 freediving instructors at Hideaway, are ready to teach you the techniques to maximise your time underwater.

If you opt for a PADI Freediving Intro, you will get a taste of freediving in confined water and learn the basics of freediving techniques. If the freediving intro has you convinced, you can carry on with one of the license courses, allowing you to improve your breath hold ability and posture underwater.

Contact Meridis Dive Center for more information about our freediving courses.

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