Ride Your Own Waves with eSurfing at Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives

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Ride Your Own Waves with eSurfing

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives is proud to offer guests the exciting ocean sport of eSurfing, where you can harness the power of technology and experience electronic surfing in one of the best ocean environments in the world.

The eSurf board has a jet engine and you surf in any style you like – a gentle ride cutting across the mirror-like surface of the sparkling Maldivian lagoons or chasing thrills that come from sharp turns and speed. Beginners and surfing pros alike will get something from the experience, it’s new, exciting, a lot of fun, and perfect for Hideaway where there are no natural surfing waves.

Beginners can start off by lying down on the board and progress to kneeling before trying to stand, experienced surfers will probably just jump straight on and catch those waves without problem. The power button should be pressed in a slow and controlled manner unless you want to show off your acrobatic skills! A little balance is needed but once comfortable riding in a straight line it’s time to get to grips with turns, gentle at first. It’s quite intuitive, lean to the direction you want to turn and the board will follow. Once confidence has soared try sharper turns by moving your weight to towards the back of the board and lean as before – you’ll be turning like a pro in no time.

Come and ride the eWaves with us at Hideaway soon, until then, immerse yourself in the clip below and imagine the fun you’ll have.

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