Farm to Table Organic Dining at Hideaway

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Farm to Table Organic Dining at Hideaway

In recent years we’ve all become a lot more conscious of the health of our bodies and that of the environment and at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives we pride ourselves in contributing to that ethos during our guests’ holidays with us.

Our organic garden allows us to follow the ‘Farm to Table’ philosophy with as many fruits, vegetables and herbs as we can. The geographical location and environment present quite a challenge to accessing a wide variety of fresh foods while at the same time having a sustainable approach, so by growing as much as we can, right here on the island, we can ensure not only freshness but also reduce waste and packaging.

Our talented team of chefs, in alliance with our equally talented gardeners, plan menus around the growing seasons and availability. The fresh produce is harvested at just the right time for our guests to enjoy optimum ripeness, allowing them to reap the rewards of not only great-tasting fresh food, but also the highest possible level of nutrients. There’s no transportation or packaging so the environmental cost is minimal too, a win-win situation. Waste is minimal since only what is needed is picked and menus are carefully planned around the harvest; as food waste worldwide contributes to around 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, anything we can do to prevent this will help reduce the carbon footprint of not only our resort but our guests too.

Mr Afzal, Director of Operations looking after the Farm to Table initiative, and the rest of the team are proud of the Farm to Table initiative at Hideaway and look forward to sharing with you the delicious homegrown eggplant, papaya, Maldivian chilli, lettuce, banana, cucumber, and watermelon that form crops currently being grown. Look out for them as they appear on the buffet tables on Maldivian nights and International nights as well as in the Thai Food.

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