Experience a Magical Full Moon Dinner at Hideaway Beach Resort

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Experience a Magical Full Moon Dinner at Hideaway

At Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives, days in paradise will be spent soaking up the equatorial sun and embarking upon adventures you once only dreamed of; as the sun sets, the glorious colours paint the sky and ocean with ever-changing hues before the mesmerising night skies take over and cast a star-studded blanket over all who take the time to gaze up. The best way to appreciate the beauty of the night sky is by dining outdoors and at Hideaway there are many options: dine on the deck at our restaurants or, for a special treat, opt for a private dining experience where you will feel as though the stars are only shining for you.

Once a month, when the moon is at its fullest, Hideaway’s guests can experience a magical Full Moon Dinner at our North Point Beach. Our culinary team prepare a delectable lobster dinner to be enjoyed with toes in the sand and the ocean just a few steps away, a live band completes this beautiful evening soirée. If your holiday coincides with this monthly lunar event, get ready to witness the moon reflecting beautifully on the ocean and the island being bathed in soft moonlight, and a magical dinner to remember.

Please book your Full Moon Dinner directly with your butler.

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