Guitar Shark encounters while diving Hideaway house reef

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Guitar Shark encounters at Hideaway!

Recently, during a rescue diver course, Yuko, Diving Instructor at Meridis Dive Center, and Jarriz, her student, came across one of the ocean’s most curious looking creatures: a guitar shark.

The encounter occurred at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa’s house reef, just a stone’s throw from our villas! The small guitar shark, of approximately 1-meter in length, was quietly swimming at a depth of 12 meters…

This rare sighting was followed up with a second appearance on the house reef just a few days later.

The guitar shark is a link in the evolution process between sharks and rays, and has the appearance of a shark, but behaves more like a ray!

If you are planning to dive with us, keep your eyes open during your dive on the house reef, you might also be lucky enough to come across a guitar shark.

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