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International Housekeeping Week

One of the secrets behind a relaxing stay in Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives’ luxurious villas is the dedicated housekeeping team, and their provision of an immaculate and welcoming home away from home for our guests. The team’s work is noticed and appreciated every single day but especially so during International Housekeeping Week.

The week-long festivities take place every year during the second full week of September and we kicked off the celebrations with island cleaning and a get-together party. Later in the week saw us cutting and eating a delicious cake together, followed by the chance for the housekeepers to showcase their artistic skills with the bed decoration and towel art competitions. The creativity of our team at Hideaway shines through in every piece of art that adorns your bed throughout your stay, especially for special occasions such as honeymoons, anniversaries, or if you simply request a bed decoration at the reception. Head over to our Special Offers for some spectacular offers for you this season, and allow our housekeeping team to sweep you and your loved ones off your feet!

Great fun was had at the mini-olympic games that we hosted for the team at the staff beach and the week was rounded off with a closing ceremony and BBQ party. The housekeepers’ work is integral to the amazing guest experience at Hideaway but is often behind the scenes so it was a pleasure to celebrate the work of this incredible team.

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