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Introducing Hideaway Gifts – Gift Lists Made Easy!

We are excited to invite you to the Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives online gift platform! Hideaway Gifts enables loved ones to choose and purchase gifts for friends and family staying at the resort. Designed to cater for honeymooners and guests celebrating special occasions, the gift platform allows guests to create a personalised wish list of activities and experiences they would like to enjoy during their holiday.

There is an array of gifts to choose from, all guaranteed to enhance a dream holiday in the Maldives. Indulgent spa treatments, exciting snorkelling excursions with turtles, traditional Maldivian fishing at sunset, private candlelight dinners on the beach and floating breakfasts in your own pool. We can even arrange delivery of a beautiful tropical flower bouquet or a bottle of champagne for sparkling moments. Of course, there are countless possibilities for adventure with water sports and scuba diving activities for those who would love a treat that involves an adrenalin rush – the option of purchasing a Hideaway Voucher is perfect for these as the lucky recipient gets to choose exactly which activity they would like to do when they are here at our resort.

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Using Hideaway Gifts is easy:

Simply create an account by registering on the home page

Create a wish list and add the gifts you would love to receive

Send or share the wish list with your wedding guests and everyone who cares about you.

The list will update as people purchase items from your list so you won’t end up with 10 snorkel excursions with turtles or 20 bottles of champagne…but we’re sure no one would mind either of those!

When you choose to spend a celebratory holiday at Hideaway, it’s goodbye to gifts of pots and pans, and hello to experiences that will create lifelong memories!

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