Summer Season in the Maldives is Perfect for Families

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Summer Season in the Maldives is Perfect for Families

Traditional high season in the Maldives is in the winter and early spring but, unlike other destinations in the tropics, there is sunshine and fabulous weather all year round. The summer season sees a little more cloud and occasional downpour but the temperatures are still balmy, the crystal clear lagoons are still bath-like and you’ll still be basking under the glorious equatorial sun most of the time, and go home with a tan that has ‘I’ve been to a far-flung exotic location’ written all over it!

Low season in the Maldives is the perfect time for families with young children to visit – it’s not quite as overwhelmingly hot as in the winter and there is often a lovely gentle breeze to make the temperatures more bearable – an added bonus is that prices are more affordable at this time of year too! During the long school summer holidays, the beaches of Europe become crowded as families descend on them, restaurants are busy and sunbeams by the pool are prime real estate, excursions can be chaotic experiences when booked with the masses too. Although the Maldives is further away, it’s an easy trip and once here, the relaxation and calm of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa will envelope you and you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never thought to visit in the summer before. Even at full capacity, our beautiful resort island is an oasis of calm, there’s plenty of space for everyone – little ones can splash in the calm shallow lagoon or even play in the pool, parents can join them for watersports fun and time on our incredible inflatable Aqua Park and discover the delights of letting our friendly team at Tender Hearts Kids Club entertain the children while they indulge in precious ‘us-time’ with a spa treatment, quiet cocktail or even a diving trip.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is a sanctuary for playful kids and devoted parents – everyone can find their happy place here and once experienced you’ll probably never want to partake in the hustle and bustle of Europe’s holiday resorts in peak season ever again!

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