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At Hideaway Maldives Resort we believe and feel passionately about helping to minimise our impact on the environment, and to help preserve the delicate eco-system of the Maldives.

As part of our extensive conservation and sustainability programs we are pleased to report that we have an extensive range of fresh produce that are grown right here on the island.

This garden provides the kitchens with an abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to be used every day. 19 different varieties are grown on site, from sweet potatoes to watermelons and chillies to zucchini, we are always able to offer our guests and team members a great choice, without having to import such produce.

To help support our gardens Hideaway uses the latest technology to recycle water and organic matter to produce fertiliser and provide irrigation during the dry season. This enables us to continually produce fresh vegetables and fruits year-round, without the need for artificial chemicals or fertilisers.

If you would like to find out more about the sustainability practices or the gardens at Hideaway, join us for a nature and vegetation exploration session.

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