Swim With Sea Turtles in the Maldives at Hideaway Beach Resort

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Swim With Sea Turtles in the Maldives

A holiday at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives will be full of incredible experiences but one that is always cited as a highlight amongst our guests is swimming with sea turtles. Six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are found in the Maldives and despite regular sightings on the reefs here, they are classified as endangered globally so an opportunity to encounter them in their natural habitat is not to be missed.

During your stay with us, you can embark upon a Turtle Snorkelling Adventure at a nearby reef and tick off a much-coveted bucket list item. After just a 20-minute dhoni boat ride, you will jump into the crystal clear sparkling ocean above a reef fringing an uninhabited island and go in search of the resident hawksbill turtles. Upon spotting these fascinating creatures it’s very important to keep in mind that they are endangered and to ensure encounters and respectful and responsible. Key points to remember are:

  • Move slowly in the water with minimal splashing and refrain from talking where possible – although you may feel like shouting for joy at seeing a turtle, you don’t want to scare it away!
  • Leave a clear path for the turtle to get to the surface for their next breath – never swim directly above the turtle.
  • keep your distance and approach calmly from the side – your encounter will be much longer if the turtle is not frightened.
  • Never ever chase or attempt to touch turtles.

At the reefs close to Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives there is a vast array of life to be seen and although the turtles are the stars of the show on this excursion, you will also be swimming amongst an abundance of tropical reef fish with the possibility of moray eels, rays and larger species of fish too.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to join this and other popular activities, download the Hideaway App and as soon as you have a confirmed reservation you can book your place before you even get here! You can also browse all the other exciting things there are to do to build the most amazing holiday itinerary!

Turtle Snorkelling Adventure

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