Discover the Fascinating Cultural History of Utheemu Island

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Discover the Fascinating Cultural History of Utheemu Island

During a holiday in the Maldives, and especially so at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, it is very tempting to wile away the time soaking up the sun, wandering around the stunningly picturesque island and enjoying all amenities available, but the Maldives is so much more than this and after travelling so far it would be a shame not to experience a little culture too. Our specially curated Utheemu Island Experience allows our guests to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the Maldives and those who take advantage of this opportunity cite the trip as fascinating – they especially like living in the style of a Sultan whilst in residence at our Signature Collection Villas!

Utheemu Island is historically significant; it is the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu who ruled the Maldives from 1573 to 1585. He is known for fighting the Portuguese, who ruled over the Maldives from 1558–1573, and winning back the Independence of Maldives. The prime attraction of the Utheemu is the grand Utheemu Ganduvaru, which translates to Utheemu castle or palace, which was Sultan Mohamed Thakurufanu’s childhood residence and today is a 500-year-old historical monument. Just 10 minutes away by ferry, Utheemu Island is within easy reach of Hideaway and presents the ideal opportunity to find out more about our island nation.

Hideaway’s newly built Signature Collection Villas are an ode to the Sultan and as such, are adorned with exquisite Arab/Maldivian designs exuding elegance, class and luxury at every turn – designed to make every guests staying in these residences feel like a Sultan or Sultana. The benefits of booking The Signature Collection don’t end with the luxurious surroundings, they flow throughout the stay with many perks and inclusions* to truly make your stay fit for royalty.

*Full list can be found on The Signature Collection website when scrolling down to ‘Privileges’ on the home page

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