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World Oceans Day – Sustaining Life and Livelihoods

Each year on 8th June the global community joins forces to celebrate World Oceans Day, with the aim of sparking awareness of the plight of our oceans. At Hideaway Beach Resort Maldives we are surrounded by the clear, warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean and you only have to don a mask and take a peek below the surface to see the astounding abundance of life on the coral reefs on which the Maldives is formed. Sadly, pristine marine environments where species are safe from destructive fishing methods are few and far between across the globe.

The oceans are the life force of the planet, they cover over 70% of the surface, provide 50% of our oxygen and absorb greenhouse gases, they regulate the climate and are home to most biodiversity on Earth, they also provide food and livelihoods for many. Despite all the amazing things our oceans do, they are not given sufficient protection, they are suffering from pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction – current use of the oceans worldwide is unsustainable and they need help.

At Hideaway Beach Resort you can see for yourself the oceans at their best, go snorkelling or scuba diving, take a fishing trip where only sustainable methods are used, have a go at free-diving or enjoy a wide range of watersports. The water is warm, clear and full of life, it allows for adventure, provides a fantastic playground and the perfect place in which to take a cooling dip. Celebrate the oceans during your next stay at Hideaway and then tell everyone you know about the importance of protecting them. Awareness is the first step in putting a stop to the destruction of life on our blue planet.

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