RTC Tennis Lessons at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives

Tennis Lessons

Game, set & match

Tennis fans can indulge in their favourite game here at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa. Two outdoor, hard surface courts await your match. Both courts are floodlit, meaning that it is also possible to play in the evening when the Maldives heat is less.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has established an exclusive partnership with RTC (Recreational Tennis Coaching), who provide highly trained tennis coaches. The RTC tennis program is based on a continuing education concept, allowing those looking to improve their game or those that would like to start their tennis careers, to have a comprehensive and structured program in place while at the resort.

With four courses to choose from, plus the option of private lessons there is something for all levels from the complete beginner to the experienced player. See below to find out more on the RTC program on offer.


RTC LEVEL 1 (proper technique)

This 10-hour course is ideal for those new to tennis who want to learn more about the sport and are hoping to make it a regular activity. During this course, our RTC coach will give you instruction in the basic strokes in tennis to ensure the smooth progress and maintain your enjoyment.

RTC LEVEL 2 (tactical understanding)

This 10-hour course is designed for those who already have some experience and are wanting to continue their education, and further improve their skills. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to play matches and serve competently.

RTC LEVEL 3 (advanced course)

Designed for those who are already good players, who can rally, run and play matches, but wanting to push themselves further. The 10-hour course will help you to improve your individual game and play matches to stretch your ability.


This highest RTC level is awarded to those who have demonstrated advanced skill in all areas of the game, and have completed all 10 of the RTC speciality courses. Each speciality course is a 4-hour intensive training session on one aspect of the game, from Forehands, Serves through to Mental toughness and conditioning for tennis.


For those wanting to build their own course or focus on specific areas of their game, working one on one with the coach, private lessons are available and can be arranged on request.

Of course, not everyone who plays tennis seeks instruction – if you simply want to play tennis without a coach we have rackets and balls for you to use at your leisure.

To find out more about any of the courses on offer, or to book your place please contact us below.