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The Penguin Semi-submarine launched by Hideaway

Ever wanted to see the amazing sights of the coral reefs beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean?

Don’t want to get wet?

No problem!

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa has introduced an amazing underwater experience aboard the ‘Penguin’, extending the resort’s selection of exciting excursions. The first of it’s kind in the Maldives,  the semi-submarine called ‘Penguin’ gives guests the opportunity to explore the resort’s unique reef system. From dolphins and stingrays to reef sharks and sea turtles, guests will be able to discover the tropical sea life during this underwater adventure of a lifetime. Ideal for guests who are keen to stay dry, the Penguin is designed to transport passengers into the underwater world in safety and comfort. The mechanism is made up of two floating hulls on either side of a central cabin with a compact transparent compartment that hangs from the middle and stays below the surface of the water, offering an immersive undersea experience. The state-of-the-art vehicle seats 6-8 people – ideal for both families and couples wanting to spend quality time together in a small, private group.


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