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Sustainability at Hideaway

The beautiful and unique environment of the Maldives is world renowned, and at Hideaway Maldives Resort we take pride in being able to deliver an incredible experience to visitors whilst simultaneously working to support and protect the fragile environment that surrounds our stunning island.

Sustainable practices including ways of reducing waste, water recycling being utilised to provide irrigation to the islands gardens, energy efficient appliances being fitted throughout the resort and growing a wide range of produce on the island to be used in our restaurants and bars all combine to help minimise our environmental impact. The team are also working to reduce the use of plastics at Hideaway, helping to reduce the risk of these entering the ecosystem and potentially causing damage to the amazing marine life that live around the island.

Amongst the fantastic range of produce grown in the Hideaway’s gardens, 3 types of bananas are nurtured by our team. The perfect growing conditions, and the expertise of our farmers mean that there is always a fresh supply of bananas at Hideaway. Used in a variety of dishes in the restaurants, including making fresh fritters, banana bread, caramelized banana cheese cake and banana jam, everyone at Hideaway can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

If you would like to find out more about the sustainability practices or the gardens at Hideaway, join us for a nature and vegetation exploration session on your next visit.

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