Our Commitment to


An Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Resort

At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, our green policies and practices aim to minimize our impact on the environment and help preserve the beautiful and delicate eco-system surrounding us.

Among these, Hideaway is proud to have implemented the following: using sustainable energy such as Solar to complement conventional energy use at the resort, buying freshly caught fish from the local fishermen, offering drinkable water from our water bottling plant, taking care of flora and fauna at and near the resort (including its coral reef), and in-house grown produce from our Chef’s garden used in cooking, and using recycled plants to create beautiful crafts.

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Tree Planting & Landscaping

Our tree planting activity, available for both adults and children at Hideaway, helps maintain the luscious vegetation of the island. This can help reduce the harmful impacts of climate change that cause soil erosion all year long, and the right plants grown strategically in the right places on the island can make the island’s beaches less eroded.

Tree planting has also transformed into romantic purposes over the years in the Maldives – i.e. leaving a lasting memory of your stay in paradise!

As a steward of one of be most beautiful islands in the Maldives, our goal is to ensure that the resorts natural beauty is maintained, and our team is continuously striving to make sure all the flora supports the rich fauna on the island and that the flora is well landscaped to maintain its beauty during all seasons of the year.

Sustainable Fishing

Maldives has always relied on the ocean, making fishing an intrinsic part of the Maldivian identity. Local fishermen still use the traditional and sustainable pole and line method to catch fish. To ensure marine biodiversity and conservation, Maldivian law protects several species of fish, such as sea turtles and sharks.

Every week local fishermen from nearby islands come to Hideaway to deliver and sell their catch to the resort. This includes live lobsters, reef fish, red snappers and tuna. Caught following sustainable fishing practices, the fish is served in all the restaurants of the resort. Sustainable fishing not only protects and preserve the marine biodiversity, but also support Maldivians’ livelihood.

Chef’s Gardens

The Chef’s gardens at various locations at Hideaway encompasses of developed cultivated areas where both fruits and vegetables are being planted and grown. These gardens provide the kitchens with a seasonal supply of fresh fruits and vegetables every month. Over 20 different varieties are grown on site, from sweet potatoes to watermelons to chillies and zucchini. This ensures that all the restaurants offer healthy, nutritious, and fresh produce, without having to import such ingredients and helping to minimise our impact on the environment.

Guests can join our Nature & Vegetation Exploration tours to understand how we manage to grow fruits and vegetables on a remote island in the Indian Ocean and how this vegetation helps preserve and respect our surroundings. We use various methods of conventional and cutting-edge farming practices and our team is always working on improving the methods used to ensure the an abundant supply of seasonal produce all year round.

Coral Care

Corals are a prominent part of the eco-system in the Maldives and are home to the countless variety of marine life in the Maldives. Thus, we work hard to ensure the beauty and well-being of the corals that are in the lagoons and deeper waters in the vicinity of Hideaway. We are working with experts in the field to ensure that we do coral planting in the right way to ensure that we are helping the corals to thrive and propagate to continue their health and vitality.

Water Bottling

To help fight against single-use plastic water bottles, a reverse osmosis water bottling plant supplies all the island’s needs. The water processing plant delivers pure still or sparkling water in refillable glass bottles. The plant is scrupulously maintained, with the bottles themselves sterilized in a special machine between each use. With an average of 600 bottles a day refilled for consumption, this is an environmentally sustainable solution to stay hydrated at Hideaway.

In addition to that, we now only use paper straws instead of plastic and are experimenting with other ways where we can use more sustainable materials at the resort and to reduce wastage as well.

Sustainable Energy

At Hideaway, we care about the environment and our carbon footprint. That’s why we use solar panels strategically placed around the resort to harness the abundant sunlight and convert it into clean energy. By using solar energy, we reduce our reliance on conventional diesel fuels and contribute to a greener future. Solar panels are installed on the rooftops of staff areas at the resort.

We also strive to make our operations more sustainable by using energy-efficient practises. We save energy at resorts by utilising efficient equipment, low-energy appliances, and optimising energy usage as much as possible.

Recycling and Reusing Materials

One of the ways that Hideaway shows its commitment to sustainability is by recycling and reusing materials from the island’s natural environment. Coconuts and driftwood and fallen branches from the island forests are used regularly to create beautiful and unique crafts that enhance the resort’s ambiance and charm. Guests can admire the indigenous decors and centrepieces that adorn the rooms and restaurants or join in the fun of making their own painted coconuts to take home as souvenirs. We celebrate the island’s bounty and beauty with these eco-friendly crafts.

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